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Welcome to WN Accountants!

We’re a team of Chartered Accountants in Cheltenham, serving clients in and around Cheltenham and Gloucester, as well as the Midlands and South West.

Whether you are new to business and require advice on setting up, or are an established business requiring business advisory, tax planning, VAT, payroll, audit, or any other accountancy services, we can help.

Please have a look at the services the firm offers and contact us to arrange a free initial meeting to discuss how we can work together to achieve your goals in business.


Why work with us?

We are large enough to have significant expertise, whilst small enough to provide a personal service.

Our broad variety of clients mean that we have seen many of the potential problems your business faces, and can advise on how to avoid them.

Our philosophy is to:

  • Develop strong relationships with clients.
  • Respond quickly to any queries.
  • Keep clients informed about the progress of the work we’re carrying out.
  • Negotiate fees in advance so there are no surprises.
  • Identify ways to improve profitability of the businesses we work with.


How we can help 

Drive growth and profit

  • We can help build budgets and forecasts for the business to work towards,
  • Examine ways to improve growth and profit
  • Monitor progress through monthly or quarterly management accounts

Cash flow management

  • We can help build forecasts which will identify potential cashflow issues 
  • Monitor cash needs through monthly or quarterly management accounts, highlighting upcoming payments such as VAT, tax, creditors etc, and identify ways to increase cash by identifying debtors which need chasing, whether stock levels are too high etc.


  • We make sure your business complies with accounts and tax rules so you don’t have to worry. You can get on with running the business, not keeping up to date with the latest tax and accounts rules.

Tax saving

  • We can help make sure your business operates in the most tax efficient way, and that you take money from you business in the most tax efficient way.

Get your time back

  • We provide fully outsourced bookkeeping, which means that we take care of the bookkeeping for you so you have more time to run the business, or spend with friends and family.

Implement systems

  • We can advise on systems for the business, such as making sure that all sales made have been invoiced, stock management etc.

  • We can advise on bookkeeping software such as XERO, SAGE, Quickbooks etc.


Why we are the accountants for you 

Whatever your accountancy needs, we can help.  

Our broad variety of clients mean that we have seen many of the potential problems your business faces, and can advise on how to avoid them. 

We are Obsessed with customer service 

We provide great service with regular partner contact 

We give quality service at fair price 


Our Goals   

  • Develop strong relationships with clients.  
  • Respond quickly to any queries.  
  • Keep clients informed about the progress of work being carried out.  
  • Negotiate fees in advance so there are no surprises.  
  • Identify ways to improve profitability of the businesses we work with. 


Never again worry about your tax and accounts – Let us take the stress away

Do you get to the same point each year where you know your accounts and tax are due, but you can’t face having to get them done?

Is the compliance burden of keeping your books and records UpToDate taking away time from your family life, or stopping you getting on with the important stuff like actually running your business and making money?

Are you sick of working in your business all day and all week, then having to keep the records in the evening or at the weekend?

If it is, let us help. By using award winning software such as XERO / SAGE / Quickbooks etc. we can take away this headache, and give you back hours a week to spend with the family / friends, or spending more time building a profitable business.

To find out how, contact us now to arrange a free meeting.


Discover a better way to work with your accountant

 Are you fed up with meeting your accountant once a year for them to prepare accounts that are now months out of date and which only tell you about the past? Which don’t actually help with the business, and telling you that you owe lots of tax, and that the tax is due in a few weeks time?

At WN Accountants we make sure our clients comply with all the accountancy and tax laws. BUT, we aim to provide so much more than a standard compliance accountancy offering.

We want to work with you to get accounts prepared quickly so they actually mean something, and can be used to improve your sales, profit, or whatever performance indicator you are chasing.

When we have prepared your accounts we will discuss what they actually mean, and how you can improve your business.

By using technology and modern bookkeeping software such as XERO, SAGE, Quickbooks, we can work with you in real time to see where your business is, and what we can do to improve it.



We provide a full range of accountancy and taxation services such as: 

  • Audit
  • Annual accounts
  • Bookkeeping
  • Company Secretarial
  • Business start-up advice
  • IT advice
  • Payroll
  •  Business and corporation tax
  • Personal tax
  • Estate planning 


How to choose an accountant

Getting the right accountant is really important because they will make sure your business stays out of tax and accounting troubles, and will be able to offer business advice to help you make better business decisions.

When choosing a firm of accountants in Cheltenham you should consider:

  • Free initial consultation

Your accountant should offer a free initial consultation so you can tell them about your business, your business goals, and what help you think you will need. They will then be able to let you know how they can help your business, and you can decide whether they are a good fit for you.

If you are thinking of working with us, please contact us, and we can have an initial chat over the phone to get a basic outline of your business and what help you are looking for.

Assuming we’re a good fit, we will arrange a free initial meeting at your premises to find out more about your business, your goals, and will discuss how we can help.

We will then provide a fixed fee quote for the work we expect to carry out.


  • Fixed fee

Some accountants charge clients by the hour. This is obviously not good for clients because there is no incentive for the accountant to work quickly and efficiently.

You therefore want an accountant who provides a fixed fee for the work they undertake. You then know how much you are going to have to pay, so can budget for the cost.

At WN Accountants, after our initial meeting, we will provide a fixed fee quote for the work. Assuming you agree with the fee, this will be the fee you are charged for the work quoted.


  • Should be Chartered Accountants

Anyone can set up an accountancy practice, regardless of whether they have specialist experience, technical skills, and qualifications.

That is why it’s so important to make sure you use a Chartered Accountant.

By using a Chartered Accountant, you know the firm has the experience and knowledge needed to help your business.

Chartered Accountancy firms are regulated by the Institute of Chartered Accountants (ICAEW). The ICAEW is responsible for monitoring Chartered Accountants to make sure they stay up to date with the latest accountancy and tax laws and maintain a strict code of ethics.

To qualify as a Chartered Accountant requires three years of technical and on the job training to achieve levels of excellence required by the Institute of Chartered Accountants (ICAEW). To become a fellow of the ICAEW requires a further ten years of experience.

There are lots of other reasons for using a Chartered Accountant. For example, often if you are applying for a mortgage, the mortgage company will request that a Chartered Accountant supplies them with information required for their application. If you are working with an accountant who is not Chartered, it may be more difficult for the application.


  • Do they work with businesses like yours?

You need to find out whether your accountant works with businesses like yours, because you will likely want advice specific to your business sector.

If they have worked with businesses like yours before they will likely have seen similar problems to the ones you are facing and will be able to offer their years of knowledge to help your business overcome the problems quickly.


  • Are they the right size for your business?

You want to work with an accountant that is the correct size for your business.

If you are a smaller business, you wouldn’t want to work with a very large accountancy firm because they may not have experience of businesses of your size.

They will likely charge a lot of money for the work they do for you because their pricing structure reflects the fact that they usually work with larger businesses.

Also, they may not be so interested in your business because it is so small compared to their other clients, so may not offer the level of service you need to help your business.

If you are a larger business you need to know the accountancy firm has access to specialist advisors who can help with more specialised work such as company reconstructions, detailed tax planning et.

At WN accountants we have many years of experience working with businesses from small start-ups, to medium sized companies turning over many millions of pounds. We also have great relationships with advisors such as lawyers, tax advisors, HR advisors etc who can help with detailed work.


  • Must trust them.

Your accounts and tax are very personal, so you must trust your accountant. When tax planning, accountants often have to know personal details of your situation so they can offer the most tax efficient solution.


  • Recommendations – either from people you know, or from citations on their website

Recommendations are a great way to choose an accountant.

By talking to friends and family, and reading reviews of the business online you will get to see what other people think of the business, so will know the likely level of service you will receive before you start working with them.


  • Your accountant needs to be interested in your business, and understand it

To be able to offer the best advice your accountant needs to know your business, know what your business goals are, and be able to support you in those goals.

To get a good understanding of the business it is often useful for your accountant to meet at your premises for at least the first meeting. Unless they have seen the premises, it is difficult for them to fully understand how your business operates.


  • Your accountant must be able to help with your business goals

When you first meet with your accountant, you need to decide whether they can help with your business goals.

When you first meet, do they ask what your goals are and offer suggestions on how they can help you achieve those goals, or do they just tell you how they can help you comply with your statutory duties?

Offering compliance services such as making sure your accounts comply with laws and regulations and preparing tax returns is just the basics (And may be all you need or want). However, your accountant should be your partner, helping with business plans, forecasts, management accounts, and offering advice on ways for your business to achieve its goals.


  • They shouldn’t charge for every phone call.

It’s ok to be charged for additional work, but you shouldn’t be worried that every time you call your accountant you are going to be charged.

You need to feel free to contact your accountant to talk through any queries or problems you have.

It’s beneficial for both you and your accountant to have regular contact, and to discuss any potential business changes.

This is because your accountant can advise on the most tax efficient way to do it and offer advice due to their years of experience having seen similar businesses do similar things.

The worst thing is for you to not feel like you can talk to your accountant, make a business decision, then months after the year end when your accountant is going through your accounts for them to ask you why you did what you did, because they could have told you to do it in a more tax efficient way!

At WN Accountants we offer free phone support to all clients.


  • Where are they based?

Although having a local accountant is less important, it is often useful to be able to meet up in person to see your accountant, and for them to be able to come to your premises if you have any onsite problems.

The increasing use of technology is making it less important to have an accountant who is nearby, but it may still be an important consideration for you if you value seeing your accountant face to face.

  • Summary – How to choose a firm of Accountants in Cheltenham

Choosing an accountant basically comes down to three things:

  1. Do you think you will get on with them,
  2. Do you trust them
  3. do you think they can help  your business.

Accountants in Cheltenham – Further details:

Details:   Chartered Accountants in Cheltenham
Name:   WN Accountants
Phone number:   0121 663 6180
Opening hours:    
 Monday to Friday:  9am to 5 pm. 
 Saturday and Sunday:  Closed 
Services:  Year-end accounts, management accounts,  
  budgets, forecasts, personal tax, corporation tax, 
   VAT returns, Self-Assessment, corporation tax 
   Making Tax Digital advice

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If you are looking for a frim of Accountants in Cheltenham please contact us on 0121 663 6180 so we can arrange a free meeting to let you know how we can help your business.

About WN Accountants

WN Accountants is a firm of Accountants in Cheltenham, helping businesses in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, the Midlands, and the rest of the country.